18.03.2022, Deutschlandfunk Kultur:

Binaural Mix: What is Not (O Que Não Está)

Radio Stream: https://www.hoerspielundfeature.de/ctm-radio-lab-folge-100.html

Binaural mix (Paul Schuladen and Henrik von Coler) of the radio piece What is Not (O Que Não Está) by Brazilian duo Fronte Violeta. The production is part of the CTM Radio Lab (Deutschlandfunk Kultur, CTM Festival, ORF Kunstradio und Goethe-Institut) and was originally installed at TAT - Tieranatomisches Theater (Veterinary Anatomy Theater, Humboldt University of Berlin):


Installation at TAT Copyright: Eunice Maurice

The mix is based on acoustical measurements from the TAT to achieve a plausible reproduction of the original installation. The setup (a TU Studio project) used 12 Loudspeakers for creating an immersive installation, using the distinct acoustics of the space:


Loudspeaker setup for the installation at TAT.