GLOOO is a software system for statistical spectral modeling, including an analysis framework, a real time synthesis software and a dedicated haptic interface with a mapping tool:


Parts of the algorithm and the application in spatial sound synthesis have been published in conference proceedings:

von Coler, H. (2019). A Jack-based Application for Spectro-Spatial Additive Synthesis. In Proceedings of the 17th Linux Audio Conference (LAC-19). Stanford University, USA

von Coler, Henrik. (2019). Statistical Sinusoidal Modeling for Expressive Sound Synthesis. In Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx). Aveiro, Portugal


The GLOOO synthesizer implements statistical spectral modeling for spatial sound synthesis. Sinusoidal and residual parameter trajectories are encoded as Markov processes with transition probability matrices:


Realized as a Jack client, GLOOO is intended to be used with the BinBong, a dedicated haptic interface for expressive control. However, using the OSC protocol, any software can be used to operate the synthesizer. The synthesis software is programmed in C++ as a Jack client on Linux systems. Like this it can be connected to any spatial rendering software which is implemented as a Jack client. View the source code documentation for details on the implementation.

Instrument Models

The violin model has been created within the PhD thesis:

Download violin model as zip.