The Gallows


The Gallows is a live electronic performance, focusing on objects in motion and their relation to sound and space. Centerpiece of the performance is a t-shaped metal structure of 2.20 meters height. Each of the two booms at top of the pole has a pendulum with variable length at its tip, designed as mounting point for arbitrary objects. The movement and position of the objects attached to the string is obtained by sensors in real-time, providing data for the control of sound synthesis and spatialization processes.


Placed on stage, the pendulum structure becomes a kinetic instrument, which can act in an installative way - by letting the objects oscillate, as well as an expressive interface - allowing the performer to interact with objects. In this position, it exposes the objects and their movements to the audience, offering a creative environment and a perceptual link between performer, object, sound and spatialisation.


Studie für einen Galgen

The first improvizational work for a single pendulum was premiered in Gdansk in May 2019.

Studie für Doppelgalgen

An improvizational work for two pendula and various analog oscillators, premiered in Berlin in June 2019: