Past Events

EOC Plays 'Bodysounds'

05.03.2022, ACUD MACHT NEU (Berlin)

Copyright: Astra

Concert with the EOC - part of the TU Studio event Making Things Audible.

EOC: Golden Record Studios

29.11.2021, Emmaus-Kirche (Berlin)

For the Golden Record Studios project by matthaei & konsorten, the EOC used the original sound recordings sent to space by NASA as source material for an improvisation. Visit the EOC website for a recording and more info.


Hybrid Core @ Sinuston Festival

29.10.2021, Sinuston Festival, Magdeburg

For the 2021 Sinuston Festival, The Core went hybrid - with one musician performing from a concert venue in Magdeburg, while connected to the ensemble’s members in various places. The audience on site saw the full ensemble on screen and is placed in the center of the virtual acoustic space. In addition, the performance was be streamed on the internet, thus making it accessible to a larger audience.

Quarantine Core live at digitIZMir


Live stream with the core members of the quarantine sessions, playing the TOS version of Closed Captions, Chris Chafe's Remote Control and an improvisation.


HUB Mode' - with EOC 2020-02-05 - Silent Green, Berlin


Live at 'Interacting with Body, Electronics and Space' - SIM 2019-07-17 - SIM, Berlin


Nowa Muzyka w Starym Ratuszu 2019-05-09 - Gdansk, Poland


Live at BeastFeast 2019 2019-05-02 - Birmingham, UK


Live at LAC 2019 2019-03-25 - CCRMA, Stanford


Live at DigitIZMir 2018-10-04 - Izmir, Turkey


Live at ICMC 2018 2018-08-06 - Daegu, Korea


Visiting artist at Eastman School of Music 2017-09-14 - Rochester, NY


SINES 2017-03-19 London, UK