Quarantine Stream

Past Editions

A list of previous editions of the Quarantine Stream:

2020-04-23: 22:00 CEST

Atau Tanaka - Sensor Band

Atau Tanaka deals with the concept of embodiment in musical interaction, not only as a composer and performer but also as a researcher. Holding a PhD from CCRMA, Stanford, he was active in many places of computer music, including IRCAM, Paris and STEIM, Amsterdam and is now professor of Media Computing at Goldsmiths University of London. With a focus on the human body as part of the musical instrument, using muscle sensing technologies like the EMG, he published numerous articles in the fields of human computer interaction and the theory of gestural computer music performance. In this edition of the Quarantine Stream, we heard earlier works from the 1990s, as well as a recent recording. From 1993 to 2003 Atau was part of the Sensor Band, a groundbreaking trio with Edwin van der Heide and Zbigniew Karkowski, all performing on individual sensor-based instruments, capturing their gestures and movements. Some 20 years later, in the summer 2019, he was Edgard-Varèse-Guest-Professor at TU Berlin, where his unique combination of research and musicalal performance resulted in a symposium and concert at the SIM, Berlin.

  • with Sensorband
  • from Area / Puls, 1999
  • recording from SIM, Berlin
  • 2019
  • with Sensorband
  • from Area / Puls, 1999

2020-04-16: 22:00 CEST

Robert Stokowy

The next edition of the Quarantine Stream features compositions by composer and artist Robert Stokowy, who lives and works in Chigago since 2019. Born in Cologne, he studied Sound Studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. In his works, including sound installations, experimental compositions and conceptual approaches he blurs the boundaries between music, writing and fine arts, always inquisitive and highly reduced. Robert's selection for this program features recent works from 2020, which represent this minimalistic perspective with very organic sound material. I met Robert during his time in Berlin through the connections between the Sound Studies and the TU Studio and was inspired by his use of visual form as parts of musical scores. In addition, the concept of radical reduction was just the right way of working with the many modular synthesizers of the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC). In 2018, Robert Stokowy adapted his graphical score Coffee Rings for the EOC. Although the overall concept immediately worked for the orchestra, it was still struggeling with doing justice to the sensitive material. The collaboration continued with the comissioned piece Blodgett, premiered in 2019, very minimal, directly addressing the spatial concept of the EOC.

And Horses Were Marking Time
  • arranged field recordings, 2020
  • from Transmissions, 2020
  • from Transmissions, 2020
  • from Transmissions, 2020
Coffee Rings III

2020-04-09: 22:00 CEST

Dariusz Mazurowski


This edition of the Quarantine Stream featured works by Polish composer Dariusz Mazurowski. For this occasion, he selected different parts from several of his large scale acousmatic compositions. In these works, Dariusz Mazurowski combines recorded and precessed sounds of musical instruments and various sources with elaborate analog and digital synthesis patches.

Far Beyond The Heliopause
  • 2013, Part 6 of the Non Acoustic Symphony
Vanishing Signs on the Sky
  • 2017, Part 4 of The Destroyer of Dreams
The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse
  • 2017, Part 5 of The Destroyer of Dreams
VIVA L'autunno
  • 2018, for string ensemble and tape
The Great Red Spot of Jupiter
  • 2013, Part 3 of the Non Acoustic Symphony
Dossier of Oblivion
  • 2015, Part 2 of Hidden Dimensions
Bye Bye See You Tomorrow
  • 2017, Part 1 of The Destroyer of Dreams

2020-04-02: 22:00 CET

Natasha Barrett


For the first edition of the Quarantine Stream, Natasha Barrett kindly provided us with a set of unpublished recent compositions. Under normal circumstances these works could be heard only in a concert situation and most likely on a state-of-the-art Ambisonics system. These days you can hear them as good old stereo mixes on your home system or headphones. Follow the links to get notes on the individual compositions.

Urban Melt in Park Palais Meran
  • 2019 (12'00)
Involuntary Expression
  • 2017 (17'00)
The Weathered Piano (quattuor tempora anni)
  • 2019 (21'37)
  • 2019 (18'50)