Faust is a functional audio programming language, developed at GRAME, Lyon. It is a community-driven, free open source project. Faust is specifically suited for quickly designing musical synthesis and processing software and compiling it for a large variety of targets. The fastest way for getting started with Faust in the online IDE which allows programming and testing code in the browser, without any installation: https://faustide.grame.fr/

The online materials for the class introduce the basics of the Faust language and give examples for different synthesis techniques: Sound Synthesis- Building Instruments with Faust

Faust and Web Audio

Besides many targets, Faust can also be used to create ScriptProcessor nodes (Letz, 2005).


  • Stephane Letz, Sarah Denoux, Yann Orlarey, and Dominique Fober. Faust audio dsp language in the web. In Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference. 2015.

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