Puredate (PD) is the free and open source version of Max/MSP, also developed and maintained by Miller Puckette. PD is one of the best options for people new to computer music, due to the obvious signal flow. It is a very helpful for exploring the basics of sound synthesis and programming but can also be used for advanced applications: https://puredata.info/community/member-downloads/patches In addition, PD offers simple and flexible means for creating control and GUI software.

The Sine Example

This first example creates a sine wave oscillator. Its frequency can be controlled with a slider:


Working with OSC


OSC can be used in Puredata without further packages, by means of the ojects netsend, oscformat and oscparse. The following examples are based on additional externals, since this results in more compact patches. For using them, install the external mrpeach with the Deken tool inside Puredata: https://puredata.info/docs/Deken

Sending OSC

This example sends data via osc between two puredata patches on the same machine. It uses the hostname localhost instead of an IP address. The path oscillator/frequency of the OSC message has been defined arbitrarily - it has to match between client and receiver. Before sending osc messages, the connect message needs to be clicked.


Receiving OSC

Before receiving osc messages, the udpreceive oject needs to know which port to listen on. Messages are then unpacked and routed according to their path.



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