Sound Synthesis

This is a site for online materials accompanying the seminar Sound Synthesis: Building Instruments with Faust at TU Berlin. Posts, including instructions, demo code and jupyter notebooks will be added to the corresponding sections before each session.

The seminar focuses on principles and algorithms of digital sound synthesis. The theoretical part covers in-depth details on the implementation with examples in Python, as well as the use of relevant approaches in music history and commercial devices.

In the practical part, students will build their own instruments using the Faust programming language. Faust can be used to export audio plug-ins, standalone applications, smartphone and web apps, etc. on Linux, MacOS and Windows systems. The basics of the major synthesis approaches are taught with tutorial examples and exercises.


Introduction I

Introduction II

Some Faust Basics

Additive Synthesis & Spectral Modeling


Subtractive Synthesis

Sampling & Processed Recording

Spatial Sound Synthesis

Control & Mapping

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