All examples in this class are implemented as JACK clients. Audio input and output is thus based on the JACK Audio API. The JACK framework takes over a lot of management and allows a quick entry point for programmers. Professional Linux audio systems are usually based on JACK servers, allowing the flexible connection of different software components. Read more in the JACK Section of the Computer Music Basics.

The ThroughExample

The ThroughExample is a slightly adapted version of the Simple Client. It wraps the same functionality into a C++ class, adding multi-channel capabilities.


The file main.cpp creates an instance of the ThroughExample class. No command line arguments are passed and the object is created without any arguments:

ThroughExample *t = new ThroughExample();

Member Variables

jack_client_t   *client;

The pointer to a jack client is needed for connecting this piece of software to the JACK server.