The Last Groove

The Last Groove (2018, performance)

’The Last Groove’ (2018) is based on the crackling noise from the last groove of a vinyl record. This endless loop is first processed with analog gates and compressors and afterwards used to control various analog and digital synth processes. By superimposing the resulting related layers, complex rhythmic structures evolve from the simple starting material. The diffusion of the pre-recorded material is performed in real-time, controlled by two conventional dj turnta- bles and time-code vinyl. Their rotation speed and angle are processed and routed to the lay- ers’ position in space. ’The Last Groove’ combines technologies from the past with rather recent developments. Time- code vinyl is used as an interface for the spatialization and sound manipulation, offering very direct haptic control over digital processes. This technology can be considered a re-imagination of the vinyl principle, closing the gap between Pierre Schaeffers first disk-loop studies and the world of recent digital audio, allowing the vinyl to control modern digital spatializa- tion systems.

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