The graphical score ‘Discount’ (2017) is a collage across 30 pages, compiled from the advertising brochures of discount supermarkets, respectively food items. The score, realized on paper with glue, organizes these cut out objects along a strict time grid, with additional columns for the assignment of voices.

Movie of the performance at SIM with binaural audio!

Discount – page 7:
Graphical scores offer great possibilities for working with uncommon instruments and have already been explored in the history of electroacoustic and experimental music. However, they did not yield in a rich tradition.
Thus, ‘Discount’ channels the experience gained while working with a larger electronic ensemble using existing scores. The basic idea of this work is an intuitive synchronization and interaction of the musicians, facilitated through the arrangement and assignment of categories and properties. Similar to the classical diffusion score, this approach is especially tailored to allow a sound director the live-spatialization of electronic ensembles.
‘Discount’ can be performed by any orchestration, leaving the voice-assignment to the director. The submitted recording stems from a performance of an orchestra featuring 11 electronic musical instruments and a Guqin, which have been live spatialized on a 12-channel speaker system. It has been rendered to binaural format. This perfomance can also be reenacted, using these recordings with a live spatialization.