Online Tools and Materials

A collection of digital tools will be used to meet, share information, material and programming tutorials. Most services are password-protected. Please get in touch if you need the passwords.

Mailing List

Due to the current situation, the class will be held online. All relevant information will be distributed via a mailing list. Please subscribe to participate:


The seminar uses a Zoom meeting as virtual classroom for the weekly sessions. A password is required for accessing the meeting:

Link to Zoom meeting


Papers, sound files and other content can be downloaded from a password-protected:

TUB Cloud directory.

Faust Code

The Faust project features a rich set of properly documented examples. Nevertheless, this class has an accompanying Git Repository for code snippets and small tutorials.


The class makes use of Jupyter Notebooks for illustrating details of synthesis algorithms and their components.


Jupyter files for the class are organized in a Git Repository.

Own Jupyterlab or Jupyternotebook Instance

You can install your own of instance of JupyterLab or JupyterNotebook, alongside the necessary libraries and use the examples from the repository. This is the recommended way:

Using Binder

The repository can be used with an on line service like Binder.

Using the JupyterHub

Students can sign into a dedicated JupyterHub. This service might suffer from a large number of users. Follow the link and create a user accout, chosing the signup option:

Your account will be activated within one day and you can log in, using the Login option. After logging in, write-protected example files are located in the following directory:



To load the content of the repository to the dedicated JupyterHub, use this link: nbgitpuller

The files will appear in a directory /sound_synthesis_jupyter and can be edited.


Participants can use this Wiki as a knowledge base for sharing examples and tutorials:


TU students additionally enroll for the class via the ISIS system of the TU Berlin: ISIS

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