NIME 2020: User Study

User-defined Mappings

In the first stage of the user study, participants had 30 minutes to create their own mapping, following this basic instruction:

The objective of this part is to create an enjoyable mapping, which offers the most expressive control over all synthesis and spatialization parameters.

A set of rules allowed one to many mappings and excluded many to one mappings:

  • Every rendering parameter of synthesis and spatialization must be influenced through the mapping.

  • Control parameters may remain unconnected.

  • A single control parameter may be mapped to multiple synthesizer or spatialization parameters.

  • A synthesis or spatialization parameter must not have more than one control parameter connected to its input.

Mapping Frequencies

The mapping matrix shows how some control parameters are preferred for specific tasks, considering the final mappings of all participants:


Mapping matrix: how often was a control parameter mapped to a specific rendering parameter?

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