NIME 2020: Setup

The experiment took place at the Small Studio at Technical University Berlin. The room features three loudspeaker systems, including a dome of 21 Genelec 8020 loudspeakers with two subwoofers. This system is used for Ambisonics rendering in the experiments of this project. For the purpose of the study furniture was removed from the studio, making it suitable for free movement in the sweet spot of the loudspeaker dome.


Studio setup for user study.

[Fig.1] shows the studio as it was equipped for the user study. An area of about \(1 \ \mathrm{m}^2 \)is marked with tape on the floor. This area is intended as the sweet area, where participants should operate the synthesis system. A table with chair, display, mouse and keyboard is placed close the sweet area, allowing the users to change the mapping. A second table for paperwork is placed at the edges of the loudspeaker system.

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